Call for Papers: 2012 Student Conference on Transnational Feminisms

Call for Papers:
2012 Student Conference on Transnational Feminisms
Intersecting Global Identities: Women in a Transnational World

Friday, April 20, 2012
Sykes 210, 254, 255
West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Transnational Feminisms Conference 2012 focuses on the intersections of women’s identities locally, regionally, nationally and globally. This conference will examine the politics of gender, class, race, and sexuality within the global and local settings; how do women as subjects and women’s subjectivities translate transnationally; and what are the different methods and methodologies used to understand transnational feminism? This conference focuses on the coalitions and alliances women build that strive for women’s equal rights and strengthen their voices. The purpose of this conference is to create an environment and a space for interrogating, critiquing, and strengthening transnational voices.

Papers, projects, or creative ideas will be accepted. Topics include but are not limited to:

· Advertising and Gender
· Feminism and War
· Religion and Feminisms
· Citizenship and Immigration
· Politics of Sexualities
· Feminization of Poverty, Labor, & Migration
· Local and Global Theories/Movements/Challenges

Abstracts must be submitted by March 19, 2012. The authors of selected abstracts will be notified by the end of March.

Please email submissions to Veronica Callahan

Veronica Callahan, chair
Publicity Committee
Women's and Gender Studies
West Chester University of Pennsylvania