CCIS Critical Inquiry Lab: Gender and Empire

WMST W4303 Gender, Globalization and Empire
T 2:10-4:00 pm
Prof. Neferti Tadiar

HIST BC3803 Gender and Empire
TR 2:40-3:55 pm
Prof. Anupama Rao

“Gender and Empire” is part of the Consortium for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies (CCIS) Critical Inquiry Lab - an innovative series of linked courses sponsored by the CCIS. This year's lab links Prof. Neferti Tadiar's (Barnard Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies) course, WMST W4303 Gender, Globalization and Empire, with Prof. Anupama Rao's (Barnard History) History course, HIST BC3803 Gender and Empire.

Prof. Rao’s lecture course, HIST BC3803 Gender and Empire, examines gender and sexuality as an important lens through which to understand questions of empire, colonialism, and anti-colonial nationalism. Prof. Tadiar’s seminar, WMST W4304 Gender, Globalization and Empire, examines the role of gender in economic structures and social processes comprising globalization and in the political practices of contemporary U.S. empire.

This CCIS Lab brings the two classes together to discuss select readings, hosts public lectures by scholars whose work they have read, and culminates in a small student conference during the final week of the semester, involving students from both courses presenting short papers on thematic panels. Please consult the CCIS Lab/WGSS Speaker Series 2013 on the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department website for a schedule of events.

Students may enroll to these spring 2013 courses by registering for either WMST W4303 or HIST BC3803.