Office Hours


Faculty Office Hours (Fall 2018)

All phone numbers have a [212] area code. The Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies office is located on the second floor of Barnard Hall. Please note the office locations.

Faculty Name





Tan-Nomadiou, Mark
Department Assistant
854.2108 Barnard Hall, CCIS 221

M-W and F 10-6pm,

Th 10-1:30

Beller, Jon 854.2108 Barnard Hall, CCIS 206 W 2-3:30pm
Bernstein, Elizabeth 854.3039 Barnard Hall, CCIS 208

T 6-7:30pm

Campt, Tina 851.9476   on leave
Ciolkowski, Laura (CU)  854.7374 767 Schermerhorn Ext. see CU for information
Heatherton, Christina 854.7449 Barnard Hall, Lefrak 225 T 1:15-3:15pm

Jakobsen, Janet


854.5729 Barnard Hall, CCIS 210

Th 4-6pm

Jordan-Young, Rebecca

854.9088 Barnard Hall, CCIS 207

T 12-1pm

W 4:15-5:15pm

Ko, Dorothy 854.9624 Lehman 416D See History Dept. listing
Moradian, Manijeh

Barnard Hall, Lefrak 205 T 2:30-4pm and by appointment
Pittman, Alex 851.9248 Barnard Hall, CCIS 226

W 2-4pm

Schedule an appointment here

Plamvech, Sine 854.3039 Barnard Hall, CCIS 208 W 4-6pm

Tadiar, Neferti

854.2564   on leave