Office Hours


Faculty Office Hours (Fall 2017)

All phone numbers have a [212] area code. The Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies office has also moved to the second floor of Barnard Hall. Please note the new office locations.

Faculty Name





Tadiar, Neferti


854.2564 Barnard 206 on leave
Tan-Nomadiou, Mark
Department Assistant
854.2108 Barnard 221

M-W, and F 10-6pm

Th 10-1:30

Beller, Jon 854.2108 Barnard 206 W 2-3:30pm
Bernstein, Elizabeth 854.3039 Barnard 208

on leave

Campt, Tina 851.9476 Barnard 210 T 3-4:30pm
Ciolkowski, Laura (CU)  854.7374 767 Schermerhorn Ext. see CU for information

Jakobsen, Janet


854.2067 Barnard 210 T 1-2pm W 1-2pm

Jordan-Young, Rebecca

854.9088 Barnard 207 on leave
Klepfisz, Irena 854.9089 Barnard 228 M 1-2:30pm
Ko, Dorothy 854.9624 Lehman 416D See History Dept. listing
Pittman, Alex 851-9248 Barnard 226 W 2-4pm
Plamvech, Sine 854.3039   Barnard 208 W 4-6pm