The Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) curriculum offers students a program that is fully intersectional and transnational, theoretically rigorous, and grounded in understanding of the histories of time-spaces other than our own.  

Students may pursue a major in WGSS either alone or in combination with another department or program. WGSS majors may pursue an Interdisciplinary Concentration in Race and Ethnicity (ICORE).  The department also offers a minor.

Detailed explanations for each major and minor option can be found by following the ‘requirements’ links at the left. Program planning checklists at the right will help you to plan your courses and track your progress.

A note on honors:  All senior WGSS majors take a seminar, “Knowledge, Practice, Power,” offered every Fall.  In this senior seminar, students reflect on the nexus of knowledge, practice, and power as they embark on their own knowledge-making in writing a 25-page final paper.  With permission of the faculty, students have the option of developing this paper into a 50-page academic research thesis by taking a writing-intensive seminar in the Spring.  Only students who complete a thesis are eligible for honors in the major.

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